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Mynster og Kierkegaard

En tekstmontage ved Preben Lilhav

Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, 78 / 2016, p. 637f.

by Paul Cruysberghs (Leuven), Johan Taels (Antwerpen) and Karl Verstrynge (Brussel).

Preben LILHAV, who edited en impressive collection of books on Goethe, Plato, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, is also the editor of Mynster og Kierkegaard. En tekstmontage (Mynster and Kierkegaard. A Text Paste-Up, 2013. Lilhav collected a large collection of texts by and on Mynster, from his childhood to his death, and even after his death. His relationship with Kierkegaard is paid special attention: Mynster’attitude towards Kierkegaard and Kierkegaard’s position over against Mynster are documented extensively. A detailed index helps to retrieve specific topics and authors. The book offers a nice reader on a variety of topics, both biographical and theological, both polemic and appraising. The title, which suggests that the book is about Mynster and Kierkegaard, is somewhat misleading, but the fact that ‘og Kierkegaard’ has been printed in a lesser font within the title can be seen as a warning that the Kierkegaard part remains secondary. In his introduction, Lilhav argues that Kierkegaard’s relationship with Mynster was not just polemical but that he rather highly appreciated him (eapecially after the latter’s death).

It is no surprise that in a second book, dealing with Kierkegaard mellem Mynster og Grundtvig. Et essay om „Kristendomsvrøvl“ med dokumentation (Kierkegaard between Mynster and Grundtvig. An Essay o „Christianity Rubbish“, with Documentation, 2013) Lilhav does not simply repeat the procedure of documenting the relationship between Kierkegaard-Mynster-Grundtvig with texts by the three personalities, but he puts forward the positive claim that Kierkegaard was a definite admirer of Mynster. At the same time, he argues that Grundtvig was the one person Kierkegaard detested more than any other person in Denmark. Thus Lilhav, who published a polemic book about Kierkegaard og hans mor (Kierkegaard and his Mother) in 2007, offers a kind of surprising rehabilitation of Bishop Mynster, which is new in the Kierkegaard literature.

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